Motorized Retractable Screen Doors in Oakville, Ontario and nearby Areas

Custom Screens Made for Any Opening

Entertain your friends and family in your outdoor oasis created by our motorized screens built to extend your living area.
From patio enclosures to garage door screens, our custom motorized screen is the perfect addition to your home.

Motorized Retractable Screen Applications

For every large opening, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Motorized Outdoor Screens for Patios and enclosed areas oakville

Outdoor Living Spaces

A motorized retractable screen for a porch provides a comfortable sheltered outdoor space, protecting you from bugs and allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outside.

Oakville Patio Enclosures Motorized Retractable Screens

Patio Enclosures

Motorized retractable screens enhance your outdoor living area by protecting your family from the sun, and giving your patio that extra privacy with the best motorized screens.

Screen doors for your garage or large enclosures.

Garage Door Screens

Turning your garage into a home office or gym is possible with motorized garage door screen. Our motorized screens are perfect for letting the fresh air in and keeping the bugs out.

Motorized Retractable Screen Features

Outdoor retractable screen doors Oakville burlington halton region

Quality Materials

Our products are made from sturdy aluminum with an attractive powder-coating finish.

oakville retractable screens somfy burlington

Somfy Motor & Remote

Our motors are made by Somfy – the industry leader in Smart Home products. You have the option to use the Somfy remote or the Somfy Smart Home app on your phone.

screen door warranty from halton retractable screens oakville burlington milton


Our motors and accessories are warrantied for five years, and our aluminum is for life.

screen door safety auto stop motion for automated and motorized screens oakville halton

Auto-stop Detection

To ensure safety, our motorized screens stop automatically when an object is underneath them.

Screen Unit Colours

Standard Colours

Textured Black

Textured White


Textured Grey




Custom Colours

Looking for a different colour?
Contact us today to inquire about our available custom colours.
insect control mesh oakville bug screens

Insect Control Mesh

4 different colours to keep the bugs out of your home or patio area.

sun shade screens and fabrics for patios oakville

Sun Control Fabrics

4 different colors to protect yourself against UV rays.

outdoor privacy screens for patios and enclosed areas oakville

Privacy Fabrics

2 different colours to shield off your patio area.

blackout fabrics for outdoor patios and screened in areas oakville

Blackout Fabrics

4 different colours to prevent any light from entering.

vinyl transparent protection from rain for patios and enclosed spaces outdoors oakville


A transparent option perfect for residential or commercial use.

Motorized Screen Benefits

oakville retractable screen patio doors

Living Area Expansion

Extend your outdoor living space and make your larger doors usable in all seasons.

protection from environmental elements with motorized retractable screens oakville


Protect yourself from insects and sun exposure.

comfort and privacy from motorized retractable screens Oakville


Create a breezy, comfortable outdoor area that shelters you from extreme heat and cold.

customized_fit motorized retractable screens Oakville

Customized Fit

Our screens are custom fit to your opening, ensuring no gaps and full protection.

long-lasting motorized retractable screens Oakville


Enjoy your screens for years without service issues because of our quality materials and components.

Motorized Retractable Screen
Care and Maintenance

Mirage provides one of the finest large-format screen products on the market today! These screens provide customers with years of trouble-free enjoyment. Although the  motorized screens are designed to be virtually a maintenance-free product, we suggest some simple routine maintenance tips to our customers that enhances and maintains their Motorized Retractable Screen.

  • At all times, keep the motor away from direct contact with the elements. If you need to wash your screen or housing, use warm soapy water and a soft clean cloth and apply gentle pressure.
  • We suggest you liberally lubricate the zipper tracks every 3 months with Silicone spray lubricant (Contact us if you require additional supplies).
  • Screens should be kept free of holes and completely intact. Periodically inspect screens for cuts, scratches, or holes. Contact us for repair or replace damaged screens.

Common questions about Motorized Screens…

Motorized retractable screens are screens that are controlled with a motor and can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button. These screens are often used in large openings, such as porches, garages, or patios.

Motorized retractable screens provide many benefits, including convenience, ease of use, and increased functionality. They are controlled with a remote, or a smart device and can be programmed to raise and lower at specific times of the day.  In cooler seasons motorized screens can be used to retain heat inside your outdoor living area and in warmer seasons used to filter sun, provide privacy  and keep the bugs out. 

When considering motorized screens, Halton Retractable Screens  works with you  to determine the appropriate size, mounting options, and type of screen material for your specific needs. We guide you through the available options and help you select the right solution based on your opening type, dimensions, and desired functionality. We also offer large retractable screen doors and normal sized retractable screen doors to fully enclose all the entries in your home.

Yes, motorized screens can be customized to fit specific needs and requirements. Customization options for motorized screens include size, screen material, frame color, control options and additional features.

Mirage Motorized Retractable Screens come in  a wide selection of design colors and mesh choices.  All unit colours and mesh can be mixed and matched for each screen unit.  

Yes, motorized screens are easy to operate. They can are controlled with a remote, or a smart device, depending on the model chosen.

Yes, Mirage motorized screen doors are made with high-quality materials, such as sturdy aluminum frames and durable screen materials. By following recommended maintenance practices, motorized screens can offer long-lasting durability, withstand daily use, and resist environmental elements.

Motorized screens are generally easy to maintain. Regular cleaning of the screen material, lubrication of moving parts, and inspecting for any damages are important for proper functioning. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for motor maintenance, checking the power source, and making seasonal adjustments when necessary ensure optimal performance. By staying on top of screen door maintenance tasks and addressing issues promptly, motorized screens can be effectively maintained without significant difficulty.

The lifespan of motorized screens can vary depending on several factors, including frequency of use, maintenance practices, and environmental conditions. On average, a well-maintained and properly installed motorized screen can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or even longer.

Every purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring your satisfaction. To learn more about the warranty details, read here.

Halton Retractable Screens is a  full service Mirage Motorized Retractable Screen Dealer.  We  provide you with professional sales, installation and service and back our service and products with an industry leading warranty

Halton Retractable Screens  offers free, no obligation quotations and can provide pricing quickly based on rough measurements and pictures either provided by email or text  or collected during a site visit by one of our professionals.  We work with homeowners and contractors through all stages of your screening project with a view to working within a budget and timelines.

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